Designed to be different from a training course and address the issues underpinning the change to remote teams. A dynamic Workshop, which will challenge your team to overcome obstacles by working together, our workshops include: 

tick symbol Unique format to understand your team strengths, which will mean you benefit because we will encourage strengths and tackle  weaknesses.

tick symbol Build and challenge members to meet the 3 ‘C’s  Communication, Collaboration and Control.

which means your teams learn how to tackle issues and adapt as new problems arise.

tick symbol Best practice for Smart Teams, the opportunity to learn more about the best practice you can use in your own remote working environment.

tick symbolEmpowering teams to agree and implement changes through to action. 

Our workshops deliver real benefits to your team.. 

“Many thanks for the workshop you delivered, we were all impressed by the very practical approach and action plan”

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CAL will work with your to make your workshop a success and deliver clear, tangible benefits to your business.

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