TeamR - Dedicated software solution for remote, mobile working

Developed by CAL for those organisations who want to use supporting  systems to enhance remote mobile working, TeamR provides a comprehensive, easy to use package. TeamR’s capabilities include: 


tick symbol Simple and effective communications between team members and team leadership, reducing wasted time in trying to contact team members who are now quickly contactable.


Don't take our word for it, this is what our clients say:

“Yesterday I did not have teamR, today we have TeamR and I now want to put  everyone in the company on TeamR!”

CEO AppSwing Ltd

tick symbol Comprehensive collaboration features facilitating work between teams and sub teams, effective seamless projects from plan to execution, maintaining full control and enabling team members to just get on and deliver.


 tick symbol Complete management tool set, which means you will always be aware of team performance, productivity and priorities.


tick symbol Quality is ensured by standardising tasks snd consistency of project and service delivery  every time.


 tick symbol Audit trail maintained throughout the complete system, ensuring you can always track any issues that may arise and meet your statutory requirements.



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