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CAL Specialise in showing organisations proven ways in which they can maximise results from 'Smarter Team Working'.
CAL have a track record of success in helping organisations to do just that through a range of different approaches, all tailored to help our individual clients. CAL offer four distinct ways you can achieve this!


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Team Health Checks, your people and working practices - Using your staff, resources and technology to best effect.

Do you know how well your teams are performing? Is there room for improvement? How will remote working support your team goals? Our team health check will provide recommendations to see your teams excel.
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 Team Workspace Reviewoptimising your office or workspace.

How much space do you need for your teams, how efficiently are you using the floor space you have? Our objective review and report will cover your existing work space, any changes already planned or in the pipeline, helping you to reduce costs and  maximise use of your floor space. 

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Workshop - Working with your team and their needs

Designed to help a team find practical ways to improve performance, through Smarter Working Teams in a dynamic and  interactive workshop.
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Supporting your team - Helping to apply Smart Team Working

Do you want to get the best from your teams? Do you want expert help in applying  a  solution to reduce cost and increase productivity? We provide ongoing support and mentoring,  facilitating and empowering your team.

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TeamR - A unique toolset designed for a Smart Working Team

A dedicated software solutions enabling managed remote team working, seamless communications and the power to collaborate no matter where they are located, in the next office,  various locations country- wide or spread across the globe. 

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We will deliver results to your teams, This is what our customers say: 

“CAL have provided the focus necessary for us to move forward and also to put the services in place to allow this to happen - in the UK, USA and INDIA!!”


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